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Our Fees!

On May 12 2023 we changed our Fee Structure

  • Our commission structure is simple, and no fine print.  We split the commission check with you 80/20.  We keep 20%, you get 80%.  When our portion equals $17,000 in a year (on your anniversary), you go to 100% of the commission check.

$17,000 Cap, No Franchise!

  • $68 per transaction for E&O and processing

  • NO Franchise Fees*

  • NO Monthly Fees

  • NO Annual Fees

  • NO Tech Fees

  • NO Class Fees

  • NO Coffee Fees

  • NO Receptionist donation/bonus fees

  • NO Desk Fees

  • NO Printing Fees (whether color or B/W)

  • Company provided Signs AND Lockboxes.

  • Private Office available for Rent

*Franchise fees paid from the $17,000 cap by Brokerage.

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