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Our Values

Our values are posted ALL OVER the office.  These aren't something stuffed in a book somewhere  that we did as an exercise, this is a living breathing statement of what we believe.

We believe in PAIGE  as the core you deliver to your clients.  As our clients, we work to deliver the same to you.  Our agents deserve the best so them may deliver  the best.

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We empower our agents to make decisions, just as an independent contractor should

As REALTORS, we obey the letter of the code.  Beyond the letter of the law, we believe in the SPIRIT of the code, and live ethically every day.

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"... the most desired Real Estate company..." by agents, and by consumers.  The #1 way to become desired - SERVE!  Serve agents, serve consumers.

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The BHGRE Alliance Difference

Agent-centric Focus
Mutual Trust
Ongoing Education
Intuitive Technology
Across-the-Board Simplification
Unexpected Value

A statement we hear over and over is, “You guys can’t possibly deliver everything you say.” We are sure you have heard lofty promises, too. We deliver on our commitments by treating each of our agents as respected and desired customers, leaving new agents wondering why they did not come on board sooner.
Take the first step to earning more. Join us at BHGRE Alliance today.

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We Want to Hear From You

Discreet ALWAYS.  We respect your position, and are honored you'd visit with us.  We will be discreet.

1720 N. Webb #102
Wichita, Kansas


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