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We work on the HONOR system

Trust is a 2 way street!

Long ago, I learned when you treat people on your team like you trust them, they act Trustworthy.  We much prefer addressing a couple of "Problem Children" before we punish everyone in the schoolyard.  You'll find we have many included services, to keep both our lives simple!

Honor: About

Included at No Charge

Color Printing

No limits, no counts - we trust you to limit printing to Real Estate

B&W +Faxes

The same here, no counts, no limits

Company Signs

We provide standard company signs, you purchase Riders


We provide Company Lockboxes

Honor: List

Desk Space

Minimal Rent for dedicated office/desk

Office 365

Office 365 email, Word, Excel, Power Point Team Meetings, and more

Moxi CMA

Customized Moxi CMA integrated into the MLS

Your Listing -

Your Lead.  Listing agents get ALL leads from their listings

Honor: List

Custom Card Design

And your first 1,000 cards printed for you

Personal Website & Mobile App

With full IDX, Notification, CRM, & More


Complete compliment of Local, Regional, National Education - NO CHARGE!

Facebook Ads

Your listings have FREE, targeted Facebook ads

Honor: List

Name Recognition

94% Name Recognition, and top 3 HarrisPoll Equitrends 5 years

Video & More

YouTube, Instagram, and more posting of your listings + Video Editor

Marketing Center

Online Marketing Center for your personal flyers

Company Discounts

Like Everlance Mileage tracker, $40 per year

Honor: List

And More...

Sounds like a lot?  Actually there is more.  We can't list EVERYTHING.  Our Intraoffice Dashboard is unique in our MLS area.  Our programs for Photograph provide an affordable alternative to Professional Paid.  And even more!  Let us know how we can help your business.

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