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Remote or in Office

Every system we have is designed to work remotely from home, in the field, or in office.  We bend to operate YOUR way, to serve you as you want to be served.


Home Office


In Office


Our systems talk to each other!

Every system online

We became Paperless in 2009.  Since then we've adopted systems and programs to allow you NEVER to come in the office (if you wish).  Scan or email docs, electronic signatures, and eft checks.  Check progress on files 24/7 on PC, Mac, iPad.  

Complete office & machines

For those more comfortable with Paper, slap your file on the Copier.  Push scan instead of copy, and we do the rest.  Computers set up with the programs you need, and the ability to design GREAT flyers through our Digital Marketing Center!

Laptop?  Tablet?  Cell Phone??

We work HARD to make sure you don't have to login to 10 different places to do your job.  The first test of ANY program is:  Does this communicate with everything?

  • CRM that talks to the CMA and MLS

  • Collaboration Center that talks to the CRM

  • Testimonials that talk to CRM

  • O365 email & contacts, talk to CRM

  • Marketing from MLS through CRM to print, send, social media, and more

  • Listing Alerts updating every 5 minutes 

  • and LOTS more!

Remote or Office: Services
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