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Why BHGRE Alliance: Services

Why join BHGRE

AGENT FOCUS: We have a unique mindset here at BHGRE Alliance when we partner with an agent. Our one customer is YOU. We practice a philosophy of service; the same philosophy we would like you to take to Your customers.  New Licensee's find a welcoming home with the mentoring they need to be successful. Experienced agents find a trusting, helpful atmosphere to work, learn, share. 

Why BHGRE Alliance: Welcome

Office to be proud of

Sure, you meet at the clients home.  You go to show them homes as well.  You meet clients on Zoom meetings and use digital signatures.  And still, meeting at a comfortable, convenient office happens.  For safety, for speed, for your clients.  No elevators, no steps, no ramps, and plenty of parking.  We offer a bright, clean, modern place to assist your clients with their Real Estate Needs.

Why BHGRE Alliance: Welcome


You can trust us to serve you, and help you succeed. We trust you to make the best decisions for you and for Your clients, including setting your own commission rates. You are trusted with our resources, and in our offices 24/7, 365.

Why BHGRE Alliance: Welcome


 We look for easy, intuitive, and robust solutions to your daily hurdles and most difficult problems. We use tools that talk to each other, cameras that think for you, automated CRM strategies, paperless document systems, free customizable agent websites, and much more.

Why BHGRE Alliance: Welcome

The BHGRE Alliance Difference

Agent-centric Focus
Mutual Trust
Ongoing Education
Intuitive Technology
Across-the-Board Simplification
Unexpected Value

A statement we hear over and over is, “You guys can’t possibly deliver everything you say.” We are sure you have heard lofty promises, too. We deliver on our commitments by treating each of our agents as respected and desired customers, leaving new agents wondering why they did not come on board sooner.
Take the first step to earning more. Join us at BHGRE Alliance today.

Why BHGRE Alliance: About

We Want to Hear From You

Discreet ALWAYS.  We respect your position, and are honored you'd visit with us.  We will be discreet.

1720 N. Webb #102
Wichita, Kansas


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